Stefan Waszak

Stefan was born as the son of a Navy Officer on the coast of Germany. After finishing school with stations in Germany and the US he also joined the naval services and found a new home in Hamburg.

He finished his apprenticeship at a traditional Hamburg freight forwarder and moved on to a global overseas- and project forwarder.

After his studies he held different positions at a global player in the logistics industry with as well personnel and project responsibilities. His focus were project shipments to nearly all continents.

Lastly Stefan changed his job to Rumberg International to focus his special expertise on selected key-customers.

Roman H. Stanitzek

The son of an Entrepreneur was born in the Ruhr area. Roman started his career in the public service and subsequently changed to a medium sizes freight forwarder.

He made his entry as a dispatcher in the national long-haul transport and was shortly after nominated head of operations for the European overland transport. Later promoted to Key-Account-Manager with responsibility for worldwide project- and special transports.

On-site handling of logistic projects in North- / Middle- / East Europe and China.

Roman is founding member of Rumberg International to create logistics.

Manfred Rumberg

The son of a gastronomy family was born in the Ruhr area and has deep roots in the steel industry.

After technical and commercial apprenticeships in the steel and machine construction industry Manfred changed his job into the affiliated logistics industry.

He made his career from outside sales to branch manager with sales responsibility.

Start of a new branch from scratch including fleet, material stocking and packaging department.

Successful completion of different projects in an European wide group of companies with worldwide shipments with focus on centralization and profitability.

Manfred initiated the founding of Rumberg International with focus on CLEAR WORDS and unique concepts.